All Volunteer Community Radio

Volunteers are the heart of our community radio station and provide over 70 hours of programming per week. This is what community radio is all about!

If you would like to volunteer please contact us!

The people behind the scenes and on the air at KWVH are your talented neighbors from Wimberley. More than 50 people give a total of over 500 hours per week of their time per week to deliver on our KWVH mission. They strive to inform, entertain, and in their own way bring this community together.      

Their jobs include being on air-talent, on-air producer, station production, imaging, creating program and underwriting logs,  doing news, fundraising and development, engineering, IT, legal, accounting, HR, and construction and maintenance of the studios.  

Wimberley Valley Radio is a 24/7 commitment. It takes a lot more to keep a radio station running than just spinning a record. We could not do it without these wonderful volunteers. As a result of all of their hard work, KWVH is now providing Wimberley with 70 hours of locally produced programming.  

They appreciate it very much when you listen. They appreciate it even more when you support them through your generous donations.