How long are the actual Underwriting messages?

They should be 20 seconds.

Who are the people who voice the Underwriting messages?

While they are several folks who can voice underwriting messages here are the main voices normally available: Roy Cunningham, Dorinda Bradford, Brach Thomas, Todd Crusham, Steve Etheridge, Cinda Donavon, Coach Dick Smith and some of our other volunteers. Turn around time varies from 48 hours to 3 days depending on the voice talent’s availability.

Can an Underwriter do their own message?

No. This is not recommended.

What “person” are the underwriting messages delivered?

Third Person. We don’t do first person.

Do we have restrictions on copy since we are a non-commercial, non profit Radio Station?

Yes, we will provide you with guidelines for copy. No call to pricing. no free offers. Please check the guidelines for copy for non coms.

Do the same spots run on 94.3 FM also run on and our App?

Yes. We simulcast our terrestrial signal with our stream and our App.

What time do my messages run?

Unless otherwise specified they will run on a seven days per week cycle from 6:00am to12am (midnight). The goal here is to expose the underwriters message to the entire cumulative audience of potential listeners that consume our programing whether it is on air or on line.

Must the underwriter pay up front?

Ideally we want the campaign’s paid for up front. If someone purchases monthly for three months, then get one month payment up front and procure the next month’s check prior to the month starting. We take credit cards and eChecks; paper checks should be made out to Wimberley Valley Radio.

Daniel Bisett is in charge of all invoicing and will be able to provide the advertiser with the appropriate receipt for tax purposes. Our rates are always net.

There are incentives for paying up front and there are incentives for signing up for annual and semi annual contracts.

Any exposure for my Business Underwriter on the web?

Yes. We will use the business logo on our stream to identify the client while their underwriting message is playing. We will also place these sponsor’s logo on our Underwriting Sponsor Page.

How many words can you put into 20 second message?

Fifty (50-55) words, and numbers count as words.

A phone number is 10 words.

Do you want to give up that much time for a hard to remember a phone number.

I would discourage underwriters from using phone numbers unless the phone number is so easy or obvious.

Direct them to their website.

Can I have Music in my message?

Non commercial compliance rules say that they discourage the use of music. However, in some cases it makes sense.

We will use music for our station promotional messages, public service announcements and on some occasions in our Underwriting messages.

Can I hear a sample underwriting message?

Click the link to listen to a recent underwriting message we ran for a current underwriter.

If you have any other questions, contact us directly. We are here to help.