Monthly Underwriting Contract with KWVH

With a monthly contract, you will receive FOUR 4) 20 second underwriting messages per day for one month for a monthly total of 125. These underwriting messages will air both on 94.3FM on our streaming channel at

The messages will air and rotate equally between 6am and Modnight, Monday through Sunday.

In addition to the on-air underwriting messages, you will also receive a logo-ad spot on our website’s home page.

Sign for one (1) month for $400.

Sign for three (3) months and your monthly rate drops to $375. Sign for six (6) months and the rate drops even further to $350 per month.

Sign up for an annual commitment and the rate drops to $325 monthly.

*Fill out the form below or click this button to start your underwriting relationship with KWVH today!

For more information or to meet with our station’s General Manager about other opportunities including WISD sports and tactical underwriting, call (512) 722-3266.

* By completing the payment form, you agree to the terms and conditions in the Underwriter Contract mentioned above.