About Us – Our Mission

Wimberley is truly a unique and wonderful place to live.   KWVH 94.3 FM gives a voice to all who live here.  The dream of having a Wimberley Radio Station was conceived back in 2011 and came into existence immediately following the Memorial Day Weekend Flood of 2015.  

Wimberley Valley Radio’s mission is to inform, entertain, and bring this community together.

Connect with your community and find out what is happening around the area.

Tune in and you will hear a variety of music, talk, local sports and news. 

If you have an event, news story or community service program you wish to announce, please let us know.

We will spread the word to our friends and neighbors. 

Enjoy your community radio station!

Mike Crusham – Station Manager

After 46 years of managing some of the country’s top radio stations Mike retired and moved to Wimberley. He fell in love with this community radio station and became a volunteer three years ago. As station manager Mike is dedicated to fulfill the mission of true community radio envisioned by the founders and the board of directors of Wimberley Valley Radio.    


Daniel Bisett – Development Director

Daniel is a branding and marketing specialist. He is a true local-yocal. Daniel is from Wimberley and lives here with his wife and 4 children. He is a true believer in serving the community and looks forward to meeting each and every listener, especially if it has anything to do with how to help better keep your attention both on and off the air!


Brach Thomas – Production Guru

Brach has brought great passion and energy to this station. Look for him out and about town, gathering news, events, pictures and video as he brings the content to the door!

Keeps the train moving on time


Big Steve Etheridge – Program Director

Big Steve brings more than 20 years of on-air experience and programming to KWVH. He began his career in Colorado Springs, CO before moving to the Austin area in 2006. We’re happy to have Steve here in Wimberley despite his one major character flaw… he’s a native Oklahoman and a die hard Sooners fan.


The Wimberley Valley Radio Board of Directors

Our Board adds guidance and helps as we grow to meet our mission.